Our dogs change kids' lives.

Raising Hope Dogs

2013 - The founders join together to explore the use of highly skilled dogs in therapy sessions. Frisco, Osa and Secret, the original therapy dogs, show that they can achieve powerful outcomes with kids.

2015 - Raising Hope Dogs is created.

2016 - The first HopeDog Challenge is held with 12 dogs and 18 athletes competing in teams. Now, Game Days are held in the spring and fall each year, with three-day "camp" in the summer.

2017 - Raising Hope Dogs becomes an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization.

Kids and teens with disabilities face obstacles that can be so overwhelming, the steps enabling success can be seemingly impossible to take.


our purpose


Raising Hope Dogs acquires and trains dogs to work primarily with children from low-income families. When used in conjunction with standard therapies, the use of our dogs accelerates progress, advancing the health and well-being of the clients dramatically. 

Our Mission


learn more about the games here.
for more information or to sign up, email karen@raisinghopedogs.org

RHD is a nonprofit and an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO Code 20950), meaning your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and for AZ taxpayers, your support can mean a dollar-for-dollar credit of up to $800 for couples and $400 for individuals.

hopedog challenge: the 2018 fall season is here!

our History

game day: 

Saturday, December 8

11 am - 3 pm


HOPEDOG CHALLENGE is an exciting day of dog sport competition designed for kids and teens with autism. 

The athletes learn how to play with highly-skilled sport dogs and develop important physical, social, and emotional skills. Kids and dogs join together on Training Days to learn a range of games using Frisbees, tunnels and jumps. They take these skills to Game Day, and win points for themselves and their team. Kids have fun, earn achievements, and grow in surprising, significant ways.

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training days: 

Saturday, October 20

Saturday, October 27

Saturday, November 10

Saturday, November 17

ALL TRAINING DAYS are held from 9 am to about Noon at Steele Indian School Park.

We start with puppies of all shapes and sizes, and grow them into highly skilled working dogs. They partner with professionals to help kids with autism, behavioral challenges, down syndrome and cerebral palsy overcome obstacles and reach important life goals.

Join us

as we raise and train dogs who empower impossible things