HOPEDOG CHALLENGE is an exciting day of dog sport competition designed for kids and teens with autism. 

The games are fun! Kids learn how to play with highly-skilled sport dogs and develop important physical, social, and emotional skills. Kids and dogs join together on Training Days to learn a range of games using Frisbees, tunnels and jumps. They take these skills to Game Day, and win points for themselves and their team. Kids have fun, earn achievements, and grow in surprising, significant ways.

​OUR KID ATHLETES work hard to learn how to throw discs to targets and send dogs over jumps, through tunnels, and out into the wide open field to catch well placed discs.

​OUR DOG ATHLETES work hard to read the kids' motions, understand their words, and place their bodies in just the right spots and time their jumps at just the right time to catch as many discs as they can.

HOPEDOG ATHLETES DEVELOP A REMARKABLE BOND that empowers the impossible.  As the season's Training Days progress, our kids and dogs partner together to learn the rules of each game, gain physical skills for throwing and catching the discs, read each other's signals, focus, take turns, and relax with their teammates and friends. 

Our dogs change kids' lives.

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Four cones make a square!  Kids and dogs are partnered together and enter the playing field one pair at a time. Each kid stands in the center of the square, and throws one disc toward each cone for the dog to catch. A timed event, each kid-dog duo keeps throwing discs until time runs out.  Points are awarded for near catches (2 points when the dog tips the disc) and full catches (5 points); bonus points are awarded when catches happen inside the "sweet spot" (the marked square around each cone).


hopedog challenge

HopeDog Challenge is an exciting day of dog sports competition for kids and teens with autism.


This is the simplest game of the day.  Played without dogs, kids stand at the throw line, and throw discs as far as possible. Points are awarded for the farthest discs thrown (15 points), the 2nd farthest discs thrown (10 points), and 3rd farthest discs thrown (5 points).



Three cones placed in a straight line create three throwing zones. Kids stand at the throw line and attempt to throw the discs to the farthest cone. Points are awarded for near catches (when the dog tips the disc) and full catches; bonus points of increasing value are awarded when the athletes connect their throws and catches within the zone of the cones.

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This partner game requires the greatest control and communication between the kids and dogs. Kids and dogs are partnered together and enter the playing field one pair at a time. Dog sits at the start line and waits until his partner says "Go!" Dog then jumps over a jump and runs through a tunnel.  Kid then throws the disc out into the field while the dog is exiting the tunnel. Points are awarded for each obstacle that the dog completes (jump: 1 point, tunnel: 1 point), and for each disc that the dog connects with (2 points for tipped discs, 5 points for full catches). Bonus points are awarded when the duo earns all possible points from each jump-tunnel-toss sequence (7 points are possible).